Ripper Jordan was a collaboration between Sean Slattery, James Hough, and David Ryan. From roughly 2005 to 2009 we produced a multitude of artworks and retail objects, along with other ridiculous ventures. The goal was to make art that an average college-aged person could afford. Ripper Jordan mostly met the public in its studio or at First Friday, though we did two traditional art shows in Las Vegas at Trifecta Gallery and MCQ Fine Arts. Production was high but documentation was low. Below are just a sampling of Ripper Jordan's output, and many are lo-res snapshots. Sorry. If you like, check back; there will be frequent image updates.

Ripper Jordan artworks were recently featured in abundance on MTV's Real World Season 31, but I don't think any of us made it past watching the first episode unscathed, so tell us if you see the works.

Credits: Photos ©2005-2009 Sean Slattery, James Hough, or David Ryan.